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Gratitude Sailing promotes the social and spiritual wellness of clients by temporarily immersing them in a novel and challenging environment. We believe in celebrating properties of being on the water together.

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The “nautical environment” shall be the primary platform by which Gratitude Sailing, Inc. operates. Sailings will be offered on a weekly and monthly basis to a wide range of individuals and organizations, some of which are non-profit organizations as well. We anticipate on offering around 40 various sailings a year.

Steve Lamson



Vice President

Miranda Hawker


Sach Alemdar



Steven L. Lamson

Founder & CEO

BOARD SERVICE --Ronald McDonald House

  --RMH Holiday Cruise – Co-founder

--Mamma’s Hands – Co-Founder


"We deeply appreciated this wonderful experience. I think it helped Larry a lot, though it may take time for it to fully filter through. And, it was a lovely vacation for me too; such a great time to reflect & appreciate our lives and the blessings we are receiving.” (Sue Morris)

"Grief to gratitude. That just about sums up my experience with Gratitude Sailing and spending time with sincerely caring people." Cindy Shute-Bodle

"With all I have been dealing with recently, Gratitude Sailing has been instrumental in helping me heal over the past year. You people have the biggest hearts. And, you don’t simply go away. You keep checking on people to give them emotional support." Olivia Tiffin

We Need Your Help...

All of our sailings are provided free of charge. It is through the generosity of both corporate and individual doners that this is made possible. Donations of any size all us to continue to expand our services as our demand increases - right here in our own community.