I understand you don't charge for your services. Why is that?

Most of the people who come out with us not only have a serious health issues but financial ones as well.

Who would benefit from Gratitude Sailing experience?

Anyone with a physical, mental or social challenge who could benefit from refreshing their lives by a comforting and adventurous experience.

How is sailing therapeutic?

The 'nautical environment,' and specifically, "sailing," has healing, transforming and refreshing properties. Source: "Sailing for Rehabilitation of Patients with Severe Mental Disorders" US National Library of Medicine

How big a group can you take out on a voyage?

Up to 20 people including crew and caregivers.

How many sailing trips does Gratitude Sailing do in a year?

Thirty or more sailing trips a year.

How can I get involved with Gratitude Sailing?

By volunteering and becoming a crew member, helping with repairs and maintenance, assisting with events and/or by making a donation.

How do you assure the safety of your first time passengers?

Before leaving the dock we discuss safety procedures with them, show them how to wear the life jacket we provide, give them a safety manual that they can read and take with them as a gift. We also encourage them to watch the crew during the various maneuvers. At times those who want to and have the ability can participate in some of these activities including the steering the boat (helm)