Gratitude Sailing Reception || May 10th 2017


The pace of life is accelerating for Gratitude Sailing NW as our sailing season begins. We were pleased to launch the 2017 season with a reception on May 10th.  The event exceeded our expectations with many new faces who came to hear about our mission.  We had a command singing performance by Miss Gratitude Sailing, Ritika and we raffled of a beautiful evening cruise on Dirigo.  We raised enough donations to support 10 additional sailing for this year, and had many new volunteers step forward to help us serve those in need. Thanks to all who donated to help us support those in pain.

Special thanks again to Suzanne Zahr of Suzanne Zahr Art & Architecture, Mercer Island, for providing her beautiful gallery for the event. Fun was had by all!

On May 22nd Stephen and his crew brought the Dirigo (the classic Kettenburg 50 ketch donated by Gerry & Barbara Maurer) down from Poulsbo Marina where she had been berthed for the winter courtesy of Kathy Swanson.  The weather for the voyage down to Shilshole was glorious, brilliant sunshine with a light breeze, and accompanied by a strong tide pushing Dirigo.  Porpoises accompanied the Dirigo part of the way including one that jumped close to the boat off the port bow.

On Day 2 of the trip Dirigo left Shilshole and arrived in Kirkland after some lengthy pauses while the various bridges were opened to allow her passage.  Dirigo will be based in Kirkland through the summer.  The cost of moorage is expensive and is a considerable drain on the funds we raise.  We would welcome your support and knowledge to help us find a berth.  If you know anyone who has a berth that is vacant or will be for a couple of weeks while they cruise, please get in touch.

We have four sailings booked so far for June.  They are:

June 3rd (Hazelwood Elementary – blind students with Jamie & Cathy)

June 10th (Older students from Hazelwood Elementary & some blind)

June 24th (Cancer survivor’s celebration sail – Jamie)

June 25th (Kirkland Kiwanis special appreciation sail from Kirkland to say thank you for such a generous donation)

Lastly, and by no means least!!, we have a new website, and we invite you to take a look at the following link

Safe travels to all of you from all of us, and we will be in touch again with our next update!