Beginning Sailing Class for 2 from Beth Steinkoenig


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Here is your chance to become the winning bidder for a professional beginning sailing class for up to 2 people. Taught by revered sailing instructor, Beth Steinkoenig, your all-day class with lunch, will be held on the Amneris, Gratitude Sailing’s beautiful 80 foot ketch.

Your certificate entitles you and one other person the opportunity to learn the basics of sailing, including hands-on helm experience while tacking, coming about, course heading, basic chart reading, compass reading, sailing safety, man-over-board instruction, docking a boat, and other basic knowledge. This basic knowledge will give you the confidence needed to understand the basics of sailing. Your final instruction will be sailing the vessel on Lake Washington, or Puget Sound with Beth Steinkoenig, who is regarded as one of the top sailing instructors in the entire Pacific Northwest, and a great skipper.

Stated Value: $1000.00

Beginning Sailing Class for 2 from Beth Steinkoenig


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