Fund a Need 5 – Exterior Varnishing


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Each season we must do repairs and upgrades to our 80 foot sailing vessel, Amneris. We do this by having the boat taken out of the water in the early spring to adequately do the repairs. This year we need to redo all the exterior varnish and ready the vessel for service.

Your generous donation will allow us to redo all the exterior varnish areas on the vessel including the toe-rail, hand-rails, and wood trim pieces. This process will take 2 to 3 weeks and will be done with the vessel in and out of the water as needed. Most of these wood trim areas will have to be sanded down to bare wood to properly prepare the surface for sealing and the 3-4 varnish coats.

Stated Value: $4100.00

Fund the external varnishing of the Amneris.


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