Fund a Need 7 – Automatic Identification System (AIS)


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Here is your chance to help repair and upgrade the Amneris navigation system by adding an AIS or Automatic Identification System to our helm. This will allow us to pinpoint other vessels around us especially in weather conditions of limited or no visibility. This further protects the vessel from a possible collision or dangerous situation.

One of the most stressful situations aboard a vessel is navigating in low or no-visibility, such as in thick fog, smoke or sea-haze. An AIS system allows us to see all the other vessels around us and help to prevent a collision or a compromising situation, which can occur on Lake Washington, Lake Union, Puget Sound or in the beautiful San Juan Islands. Your donation will allow us to have an AIS system professionally installed at the helm of the Amneris.

Stated Value: $1900.00

Fund the installation of an Automatic Identification System (AIS)


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