3 Bottles of Story Cellars Vintage Rose Wine & MORE


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Story Cellars Winery makes wine to gladden the heart and nourish the soul. Hand-crafted in small batches, this wine is made with care and integrity. “To our friends who helped craft this vintage 2017 Rose and to you who will enjoy it —— Cheers!” But, there is much more to this exciting package!

Your certificate includes 3 bottles of delicious hand-crafted vintage rose wine from Story Cellars Winery, and in addition 2 tickets for a performance at the Kirkland Performance Center in either 2020 or 2021. Combine this with a limousine transfer from your home or hotel and back again after the show!. Mercer Island Florist has donated a dozen red roses to your home that afternoon to set the mood for fun and romance. This will be a memorable evening!

Stated Value: $550.00

3 Bottles of Story Cellars Vintage Rose Wine
2 tickets to the Kirkland Performance Center
Limousine service from your Kirkland area home or hotel.
1 dozen Roses from Mercer Island Florist


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